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Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

The Web based CMMS package has all the functionality of the original client/server version of Chase. In addition, there are many enhancements to the original package that are not in the client/server version. Enhancements include a Warranty process that is fully integrated into the Inventory module. Other enhancements are the Stock Request program that allows kitting of material for plant personnel, scheduling programming for the maintenance planners for work orders, an advanced filtering function that allows rapid search results for specific records and the ability to export the information to Excel for review.

Chase provides a complete package, however, most of the Modules can operate as independent functions. For example, the PM module may be used alone, and not require interfacing with most of the other modules. The Modules are not sold independently.

The Chase CMMS application is also offered in a "hosted" version. This option offers the full functionality of the Web based version without having to worry about all the IT related issues. The CMMS application is available over the internet using a standard web browser. Chase Software Systems manages all the IT concerns of supporting servers and applications, database management, and backups. By simply logging into the Chase CMMS website you will be able to have a fully functional CMMS application available at anytime, from any location. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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